20 - 01 - 2021

School Language

School Aged Language

Receptive Language

School aged children with receptive language difficulties may experience problems following instructions in the classroom and playground, difficulties understanding questions as well as difficulties problem solving and understanding inferences. They may also experience difficulties retaining information in their auditory memory.

Sometimes school aged children with receptive language difficulties have problems with concentration, they can demonstrate inappropriate behaviour, as well as experience difficulties in social situations.

Expressive Language

School aged children with expressive language problems may experience difficulties finding the correct word to use (they will often use non specific language such as “that thing” or “the one with . . . .”), they may have difficulties constructing sentences, using correct grammatical structures (e.g. irregular past tense and plurals) as well as difficulties with story writing.

If your child is having difficulties with language it is advised that a language assessment is conducted so appropriate intervention can be recommended. Therapy is fun and helps develop children’s self - confidence and attitude to learning.