20 - 01 - 2021



Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is the awareness of sounds and the ability to manipulate sounds in words. Phonological awareness is the most powerful predictor of success in learning to read and spell (Share, Jorm, Maclean & Matthews, 1984). Children experiencing problems with phonological awareness may be having difficulties:

  • Identifying syllables in words.
  • Rhyming
  • Breaking words into sounds
  • Identifying blends in words
  • Identifying the different positions of sounds within words.

If your child is having difficulties with reading or spelling it is advised they receive an assessment of their phonological awareness skills by a Speech Pathologist. The Lindamood (Lips) program is a phonological awareness program that is offered at Emma Barwick’s clinic. This program is well researched and produces very positive outcomes for children’s reading and spelling development. For more information on the Lindamood (Lips) program please see the website www.lindamoodbell.com